What's SteerMouse?

SteerMouse is a utility that lets you freely customize buttons, wheels and cursor speed. Both USB and Bluetooth mice are supported, no matter whether the mouse is designed for Windows or Mac.

(*) It does not support the Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.
(*) It may not support some special functions.

24 Functions per Button & Chording Operations

You can assign a function to combinations of a button and modifier keys ( command shift option control ). Moreover, you can assign a function to combinations of buttons. Your mouse will have unlimited potential.

Lots of Useful Functions

Keyboard Shortcut

You can assign multiple shortcut keys. They are entered in sequence.

Cursor Snapping

Moves the cursor to the default button, close button and so on. It allows for a click after moving.


There are some options, “Double Click”, “Click Lock” and so on. A letter key is available to the clicks. For example, a space key + click will allow you to scroll the screen with dragging in Photoshop.


Scrolls vertically or horizontally. It has the “Auto scroll” option for hands-free scrolling.

Application Switcher

Opens a window for switching applications. You can specify an application instead of opening the window.

 Mission Control

Shows Mission Control. There are some options, “Switch to Desktop”, “Move a Space” and so on.

System Control

Spotlight, Look Up, Notification Center, Launchpad, Screen Zoom.

Music Control

Play, volume control and so on.


Opens files and URLs.
You can configure your mouse for each application individually. It will maximize the use of your mouse in all applications.

Get the Ideal Cursor Movement

System Preferences only allows adjustment for the Tracking Speed. SteerMouse allows adjustment of the Sensitivity on top of that. By adjusting both values, you can move the cursor just like you move your hand.

The Recommended Settings button shows a ranking of settings among users. You can find the ideal cursor movement easily by referring to popular settings.

Make Scroll Behavior Smoother

SteerMouse allows adjustment of the Acceleration and Sensitivity of the scroll speed. You can scroll by one pixel by setting the sensitivity to a negative value. It will make scroll behavior smoother.

Snap the Cursor for Easy Operation

SteerMouse automatically moves the cursor to a specified destination, the default button, close button and so on. It has an option for returning the original location after the window is dismissed. You never lose the sight of the cursor location because of the animated cursor movement.

Qualities that Mouse Manufacturer's Driver don't have

Since its release in 2005, SteerMouse has attracted tens of thousands of users that regard it as a must-have software. SteerMouse has a high reputation for its stability and multi functionality, setting it apart from the manufacturers mouse drivers. SteerMouse is worth a try. Please try it!

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Usage conditions

A new license fee is US$19.99. An upgrade license fee from ver 4 is US$12.99.
You can use SteerMouse without any limitations until Oct 31. Since then, the trial period is 30 days.

Upgrade from SteerMouse 4

Please double click to install. Your mouse settings is not be taken over. If you would like to go back to SteerMouse 4, please uninstall SteerMouse 5 first, then install.

Note: SteerMouse 4 will never be updated any more. New OS support and bug fixes will be applied to SteerMouse 5.