What is CursorSense?

Setting Window
CursorSense is an application that adjusts cursor acceleration and sensitivity. By adjusting both values, you can move the cursor just like you move your hand. All mice and trackpads are supported.


System Preferences is Not Enough.

It is possible to adjust cursor movement via the tracking speed in the mouse and trackpad pane in System Preferences, but many users struggle to find an ideal setting with it and feel unsatisfied.
Cursor movement is derived from both tracking speed and sensitivity based on the distance the mouse moves, but System Preferences does not allow adjustment for sensitivity.
Tracking Speed
Sensitivity represents the distance the cursor moves when the mouse is moved 1 inch. The OS always uses a default value.
Tracking Speed represents acceleration. Bigger values increase the cursor movement when the mouse is moved quickly.
Without adjustment of sensitivity, higher values for tracking speed will result in extreme cursor movement. Reducing tracking speed will avert this, but this will make it difficult to move the cursor a long distance. This is why many users fail to find an ideal setting.

CursorSense Solves the Problem.

CursorSense is the only application that adjusts the sensitivity in addition to the tracking speed (*). By adjusting both values, you can move the cursor just like you move your hand.

(*) referred to as acceleration in CursorSense.

Get the Ideal Cursor Movement.

For Designers
Setting acceleration to 0 will make the cursor movement flat. This is good for drawing, but the cursor will move extremely slow. You will need to increase the sensitivity.

For Windows Users
Many users who have a long experience in using Windows cannot get used to the cursor movement on the Mac. One reason might be that Windows uses sensitivity to adjust the cursor movement, and the Mac uses acceleration. Set acceleration to 0.01 and use sensitivity to adjust the cursor movement to approximate the cursor movement in Windows.


For Gamers
Gaming mice have a high DPI/CPI and precise cursor control. Some gaming mice move the cursor extremely fast even with acceleration set to 0. You will get the ideal cursor movement by decreasing sensitivity in this case.

Recommended Settings Helps Your Adjustments.

The Recommended Settings button shows a ranking of settings among users. You can find the ideal cursor movement easily by referring to popular settings.

Per-device Settings.

You can set acceleration and sensitivity for each mouse / trackpad individually. No need to change the settings every time when replacing the mouse as you would have to in System Preferences.

Exclusive Features of CursorSense.

There are many applications out there for changing the cursor movement, most of them free, but none of these are able to change the sensitivity, or has per-device settings. CursorSense is the only application with both features.

Usage Conditions.

A licence can be purchased for US$9.99. You can try CursorSense without any limitations for 30 days.